EFSA Provision of documents
Public consultation on rapporteur Member State assessment reports submitted for the EU peer review of active substances used in plant protection products

EFSA wishes to increase the level of stakeholder involvement in the EU peer review of active substances used in plant protection products. As part of this process, EFSA opens a public consultation period on the risk assessment provided by the rapporteur Member State. In accordance with relevant legislation, confidential information has been removed from the assessment reports upon justified request of the respective applicant(s). A guidance document regarding information eligible for removal is available.

When a rapporteur Member State assessment report becomes available, the public consultation will be started via this EFSA website. Comments are to be limited to the risk assessment presented in the assessment report, and submitted using the available template for electronic provision of comments.

To obtain an assessment report, please click on the active substance name. A duly completed online request form needs to be submitted in order to receive an email providing access to the respective documentation. Comments should be sent by email to EFSA (DAR_consultation@efsa.europa.eu) by the deadline given for the respective active substance. We regret that comments received by EFSA after the respective submission deadline cannot be taken into account. EFSA reserves the right to reject comments not relating to the risk assessment of the active substance.

Consultation is ongoing for the following active substances: